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Card Blocr Credit card wallet Minimalist wallet with front pocket in pink PU leather and silver metal

Seller: Conceal Plus
Type: RFID Wallets

Our credit card wallet with Blocr RFID card lock in pink PU leather Saffiano offers a little more space for those who need more in their daily luggage. The double / triple design allows up to 4 additional cards and also an internal cash holder.

  • 100% SATISFACTION MONEY-FREE RETURN GUARANTEE – All Conceal Plus card blockers are backed by our 2-year money 100% satisfaction without risk Guarantee.
  • RFID PURSE – The best RFID blocking technology to prevent RFID scanning thieves and electronic pickpockets from accessing your personal financial information and identity. The metal case for credit cards blocks 100% of RFID scanners.
  • A CLICK ACTION: The trigger action and credit cards slide up in cascade, but are securely held in the case. Quick and easy access to your most important cards and identification. Wallets for men and women, so no more poke around in the bag.
  • CREDIT CARD MINIMALIST POCKET POCKET – This case may be small, but it has 4-6 in the credit card case, and 1-2 more cards in each of the internal pockets of This slim, mini, triple. It feels more like a folding wallet.
  • FRONT POCKET POCKET – Durable PU leather, minimalist wallet design. It adapts very well to the front and will not bend due to the internal design of the metal wallet.